Mission: To provide an educational environment which emphasizes independent learning as a lifelong process of challenges. Learners must become critical thinkers, develop positive self-esteem, reach their maximum potential, adapt to a changing world, and become responsible citizens.

Health Services

Nevis District School’s Health Service is committed to helping each student achieve the best possible school experience. The Health Service Department is staffed by Jenny Rittgers, RN, PHN, LSN. Her office is located near the district and high school offices. Hours are from 8:15 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Phone number is (218) 652-3500 and extension 114.

Healthy students are better learners! Nursing care is provided for students who become ill or injured during the school day, need medications or treatments, or have other medical needs.

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School Health provides care that promotes students’ academic success by:  

Please use the following links to peruse our health services web site to find immunization information, sick and absent policies, medication administration policy and health screening information.

Immunization Requirements
Is your Child Ill?
Medications at School
Health Screening
Consent Form
Allergy Action Plan
Asthma Action Plan