School Board Policy 536



The school schedules a number of evening activities. Some of these activities are for the public. Other activities are for Nevis High School students only (e.g., practices, dances, etc.). Unless students are under the direct supervision of an authorized adult, they must be out of the building by 3:30 . A student is required to be in attendance at school during the day to attend after school activities.


Dances will be held for 7-8th grade and 9-12th grade. Follow these guidelines for dances and parties:

  1. Time: Dances shall start no later than 9:00 p.m. and shall end no later than 11:30 p.m. Exceptions may be made for any special dance.

  2. Chaperones:Faculty members and parents may chaperone. Each dance will have a minimum of 10 chaperones. The advisor and the principal must approve of the chaperones at least one week prior to the dance or party. Chaperones must receive written instructions from the advisor.

  3. Doors: The doors close one-half hour after the start of the dance or party. No one will be permitted to leave and then re-enter. If a student leaves an activity early their parents may be notified. Students leaving the dance early will be reported to the supervisor. When students leave an activity they must leave the school grounds.

  4. Lights: Advisors and chaperones will control the lighting.

  5. Approval: Approval must be secured at least one week prior to the dance or party. Preliminary approval will come from the group advisor and final approval from the principal. Before final approvals the principal must have a list of the cleanup committee.

  6. Guests: The administration will clear a guest list prior to the activity.

  7. Behavioral Rules: Students and guests will follow all rules while attending the dance. The supervisor has the authority to require students and/or guests to leave the dance if school rules are violated.

    1. Unacceptable behavior by students or guests will not be tolerated.

    2. Students or guests under the influence of alcohol or other drugs will be removed from the dance. They will be turned over to law enforcement officers for handling and school discipline consequences will be enforced .

    3. Once a student or guest leaves the dance they may not return.

    4. The school reserves the right to shut the dance down.

    5. Dress codes are in effect at dances.


  1. Conference/Sections

    1. Baseball - Northland Conference and Section 8, Class A

    2. Boys' Basketball - Northland Conference and Longbow Conference and Section 5, Class A

    3. Cross Country -

    4. Football - Great Northern South Conference and Section 6, Class 9-Man

    5. Girls' Basketball - Northwoods Conference and Section 5, Class A

    6. Golf - Northern Pines Conference and Section 6, Class A

    7. Gymnastics - Section 8, Class A

    8. Hockey - Section 8, Class A

    9. Music - Section 8, Class A

    10. One Act Play - Section 6, Class A

    11. Softball - Upper Mississippi Conference and Section 6, Class A

    12. Speech - Section 8, Class A

    13. Track - Northland Conference (Boys) and Northwoods Six Conference (Girls) and Section 8, Class A

    14. Visual Arts - Section 8, Class A

    15. Volleyball - Northwoods Conference and Section 5, Class A

    16. Wrestling - Section 8, Class AA

      Students must know and understand the policies governing inter-scholastic athletics. Nevis High School adheres to the constitution and rules of the Minnesota State High School League (MSHSL). Complete rules may be obtained from the athletic director.

      Category I activities include: baseball, basketball, cheerleading, cross country, football, golf, gymnastics, knowledge bowl, softball, speech, track, volleyball, wrestling, and Special Olympics. Others may be added by agreement of the director, administration, and the approval of the school board.

      Category II activities include: FCCLA, math league, music activities, musical, National Honor Society, one act play, science fair, spelling bee, Student Council, TARGET, and visual arts. Others may be added by agreement of the director, administration, and the approval of the school board.

  2. Nevis Extra-Curricular and Co-Curricular Participants Regulations:

    1. School time-no student may be excused from school for co-curricular events without the permission of the activities director, advisor/coach and principal. A list must be given to the principal's office for those leaving and the date, time, place, etc

    2. Dismissal from the activity--Any participant dismissed from the squad for the season for disciplinary reasons may participate in another sport that season. In the event that the athlete is dismissed from the squad for disciplinary reasons, written notification of dismissal stating the reasons will be given to the parent with copies to the school board and/or administration.

    3. Eligibility--To be scholastically eligible for co-curricular activities, students must be enrolled in the minimum number of courses prescribed by the school district, and must be making satisfactory progress toward graduation.

      1. Nevis eligibility rules apply to all activities. Eligibility will be established at mid-term and term intervals. Ineligibility will start on the day after grades are due in the office.

      2. Any student receiving a mark of F at the end of the term or midterm will be ineligible for a period of two weeks. During this time all students should report to the teacher who gave them the F from 3:10 - 3:45 during the two weeks of ineligibility. At 3:45 students may report to practice but may not compete in any competitions. Fourth term ineligibility will be in effect until 8:30 on the 1st Monday of school in the following school year. Students who are ineligible cannot be dismissed early from school to accompany the teams to competitions. They are however, encouraged to attend all other competitions with the team.

      3. RISK PROGRAM - A RISK committee made-up of School/Home Interventionist, Activities Director and Principal will determine eligibility of any students involved in RISK situation, i.e. mental health concerns, personal trauma, or situations not within student's control. RISK students who receive F's should report to the teacher who gave them the F from 3:10 - 3:45 during the two weeks of ineligibility. (Special Education student's eligibility will be determined by the Special Education program staff.)

    4. Involvement in More Than One Activity -- Students wishing to be involved in more than one activity during a season must meet with the respective coaches and activities director for approval. If a conflict in practice or performance arises and the coaches/activities director are not able to resolve the conflict, the student must decide in which activity he/she will participate.

    5. Rules Meeting -- Parents and participants are expected to attend a rules meeting before any student is allowed to participate in any competitive event. All paperwork must be in compliance before the first practice.

  3. Lettering:

    1. All letter awards must be submitted to the activities director with evidence supporting that they have met the following (minimum) requirements.

    2. Award Requirements

      1. All Sports: The athlete must play in one-half of the periods (innings, quarters) of the total regular season varsity games each year to receive an award that year.

      2. Academic Lettering: Nevis School uses the following criteria for academic lettering: 11th & 12th grade must have at least a 3.3333 cumulative GPA, 10th grade at least a 3.5000 cumulative GPA, 9th grade must have at least a 3.7500 cumulative GPA. Transfer students who meet the academic grade level requirement for an award, must also have a minimum of 3 credits from Nevis School.

      3. Band Policy: Students must earn 100 points each year to letter. Points can be earned as follows: pep band performances 10 points each; solo competition 40 points for an excellent rating; 60 points for a superior rating; small ensemble competition 40 points for an excellent rating and 50 points for a superior rating; jazz band 50 points; honor band 40 points.

      4. Choir Policy: Students must earn 100 points each year to letter. Sectionals 5 points; individual vocal lessons 5 points; participating in honor choir 30 points; solo competition 30 points; small ensemble competition 30 points; and participating in the musical 30 points. A superior rating at either competition is an automatic letter.

      5. Drama Policy: Students who have a lead role in a main stage production or equal role in a competition piece will receive an automatic letter. Students in a supporting role or assisting in any other way (lights, sound, etc.) must participate in 3 cumulative productions to receive a letter.

      6. FCCLA Policy: Students must be an officer, earned gold at Region and competed at State.

      7. Jazz Band:(not listed on transcript) Students must perform in ensemble contest, spring concert and attend all except 5 rehearsals from January to May.

      8. Knowledge Bowl Policy: Students who participate in a minimum of five competitions will receive an automatic letter.

      9. Speech Policy: Students who participate in a minimum of five competitions or advanc e to Region competition earn an automatic letter.

      10. Student Council: Students in 9-12 must attend all except 4 meetings, attend all except 1 forum, students in grades 10-12 must attend 1 board meeting, must work at 5 concession stands, decorate for at least one of Homecoming or Snow days, be on at least one of Homecoming or Snow Days committees and participate during the fall or spring blood drives.

      11. Target Policy: Students who have participated for two years in the program will receive a letter.

      12. Tiger Pride: Students who have obtained 48 points in the following categories and are at least in 9th grade are eligible to letter: Community Service & Leadership a minimum of 8 points, Extra-Curricular a minimum of 10 points, Physical Fitness a minimum of 10 points.

    3. Injury, accumulative and "sequence" provisions below, apply to all sports. If injured during the season, the athlete must have met the award requirements based on that part of the season until the time of the injury. Thus a player injured in the third football game must have played in at least four quarters. The ability to participate again is in the jurisdiction of the physician attending the athlete. If injured prior to the season starting the athlete who previously lettered in that sport in the previous year can still be a part of the team and letter by talking to the head coach and activities director.

    4. The first varsity award may be earned by accumulating from year to year enough playing periods or points to meet the requirements for one season.

    5. A "Service Award" may be earned by three years on the squad, including the senior year. This requires recommendation of the head coach and approval of the activities director and principal.

  4. Any Junior Varsity squad coach may award a certificate of participation.

  5. Participants who are dismissed from any activity for disciplinary reasons will not be eligible to receive an award for participation in that activity.

  6. Students serving a MSHSL violation during the season may still letter if they complete the season and meet all other criteria. Students receiving a MSHSL violation during the season will not be eligible to letter.

  7. Students who are under the direct care of a physician and are not able to participate in physical education will not be eligible to participate in sports related activities until the doctor releases the student.

  8. Responsibilities of Activity Participants:

    1. MSHSL Violations: All participants must follow MSHSL rules. Each violation will accumulate throughout a student's high school career. Penalties shall be served consecutively.

      1. (a) Bylaw 205.00. Chemical eligibility --

          (1) 1st Violation is two (2) weeks or two (2) events whichever is greater.

          (2) 2nd Violation is three (3) weeks or six (6) events whichever is greater.

          (3) 3rd Violation and subsequent is four (4) weeks or twelve (12) events whichever is greater

          (b) Bylaw 202.00. Assault -

          (1) An act done with intent to cause fear in another of immediate bodily harm or death.

          (2) The intentional infliction of or attempt to inflict bodily harm upon another.

          (3) The threat to do bodily harm to another with present ability to carry out the threat.

        1. The student shall be disqualified from participation in all League- sponsored activities for a minimum of four (4) weeks.

        (c) Bylaw 206.00. Code of Conduct - Any student suspended from school for two or more consecutive days will be issued a code of conduct violation - only applies in the sport that it occurred in.

          (1) 1st Violation is two (2) weeks or two (2) events whichever is greater.

          (2) 2nd Violation is three (3) weeks or six (6) events whichever is greater.

          (3) 3rd Violation is four (4) weeks or twelve (12) events whichever is greater.

        (d) Bylaw 206.4. Ejection from a contest - This is a code of conduct violation with the following penalties

          (1) 1st Violation - student may not participate for the remainder of the day and not participate in the next competition

          (2) 2nd and subsequent Violations - four (4) competitions ineligibility

        (e) Bylaw 209.00. Sexual/Racial/Religious Harassment and Hazing:

          (1) 1st Violation is two (2) weeks or two (2) events whichever is greater.

          (2) 2nd Violation is three (3) weeks or six (6) events whichever is greater.

          (3) 3rd Violation is four (4) weeks or twelve (12) events whichever is greater

      Violations will compound between categories, they are not bylaw specific.

    2. Practice: All participants must attend practice sessions when in attendance in school unless excused in advance by the coach/advisor. A note from the parents must follow.

    3. Attendance:

      1. High school students have three days per quarter of excused absences. If a student is seen at medical facility and brings a slip back from the doctor/dentist stating the time that he/she was seen, this absence will not count toward total days. If doctor/dentist recommends that the student may not attend school, this must be stated on the slip that is returned to the office. Court, College Visits and Driver's Test will not count toward total days if a slip is returned to school stating when the student was there. All absences after this will be unexcused and subject to consequences of this violation. Notes from parents or parent phone call are required. If a note is not brought to the office or parent phone call received within 2 days of the absence it will be automatically considered unexcused.

      2. Age Affidavit

        Those 18 years old (who are adults according to the Minnesota law) may write their own note. (See the principal for an affidavit.) The principal has the right to check with parents (if the student is living at his/her parent's home) as to the validity of the excuse.

      3. Participation Grade

        Students at Nevis High School receive participation grades from each class as part of a term grade. With the exception of extended illnesses, injury or other personal emergency (doctor's note may be required), a student cannot be unexcusedabsent more than three (3) days in one year. Upon three (3) days of unexcused absences parents will be notified and a report may be filed with a county truancy officer. Student absences can cause a reduction in their grade. Course letter grades may be reduced by the teacher if a student is absent. Participation grade reductions can be made up by completing the required assignments given a reasonable deadline set by the teacher. Approved early outs for co-curricular activities are not subject to this rule.

      4. Student Drop Out

        If students have reached the age of sixteen (16) and choose to drop out of school, he/she must inform his/her parents and the school before clearance can be given. If clearance is not received, no credit will be acquired for a partially completed year.

      5. Tardy is five minutes or less lateness to class without a pass giving permission for that lateness. If the student is tardy, the student must secure a "Tardy" slip from the high school office or the teacher who detained the student. Three tardies in one class equals one unexcused absence.

    4. Team Travel: All participants will travel to the event/ contest with the team. A participant may travel home from the event with his/her parents ONLY with a written permission slip signed by the parents and given to the coach after the contest. Other transportation home from the contest must be pre-arranged by the participant through a written permission slip from the parent. The advisor/coach will verify this request during school hours prior to departure for the contest. The written request must include the telephone number where the parent can be contacted before permission is granted. While attending events, student participants are under the direct supervision of the coach/advisor. Students must remain with the coach/advisor and team at all times. Please make arrangements to pick up your student at school right away when the bus arrives back from away games. If a reasonable amount of time has passed the police will be called to take the child home.

    5. Any violation of 1, 2, 3, or 4 listed above, may result in automatic suspension from the team for the next scheduled game/activity or performance. Except where the MSHSL may impose a more stringent penalty, in the event of suspension, the participant may not attend the contest with the team.

    6. Improper conduct, unbecoming a gentleman/lady participant either on the field, in the locker room, team bench area, or other team area will result in immediate suspension from the team. Following such improper conduct, the parent will be notified immediately by phone, with a letter to follow. This letter will set up a time and date for a conference with the parent, the participant under suspension, the principal, and the activities director.

    7. Coaches, advisors, teachers and administrators may confer at any time to determine the eligibility status of students in a leadership position. A student is not eligible to be captain if at any time during the season he/she receives or serves a MSHSL violation. Any questions should be directed to the activities director, coach/advisor, principal, and/or superintendent.

    8. Any athlete who does not participate in their physical education class on the day of competition or practice will not be eligible to perform in an athletic event that evening.

    9. Cell phones are not allowed in locker rooms at any athletic event or practice.

    10. All students participating in League award presentations must be in school attire only.

    11. Students receiving a MSHSL violation during the season, will not be eligible for all-conference, all-section, all-state, or MVP awards.

    12. Triple A Award: Students that have lettered in athletics, academics and fine arts during their Junior and Senior year.

    13. Three Sport Athlete: Students that have lettered in one sport each season during their Junior and Senior year.


Nevis students are eligible to apply to be a member of the National Honor Society if they meet the following requirements: 3.5000 cumulative GPA at the end of their 10th or 11th grade year and be active in volunteer service.


  1. Only Juniors and Seniors from Nevis School or other schools, graduates who have been invited and who have been out of school for one year, and invited sophomores may attend.

  2. There will be one Prom Advisor (same person) for every year. Magazine sales done during Junior year will be used for Prom. No funds will be taken from the class fund.

  3. Prom will be held at the school.

  4. Dinner is on your own.

  5. The dance will be done at 11:30 p.m. If students leave during the evening they will not be allowed back in.

  6. One (1) guest per person Junior/Senior student. Person and guest must be signed up and approved in the office. Also a Prom Agreement must be read, signed and returned to the principal by anyone attending Prom. Non-Nevis student's school will be contacted.

  7. Police will be called to the event if anyone is suspected of using any illegal substances. Parents will be notified and the student will be turned over to law enforcement. Parents will be notified and asked to pick up any students not following the Prom agreement.

  8. Chaperones will have full authority at Prom.

  9. Students who are the recipient of disciplinary action will have future Prom attendance privileges reviewed by the principal.


Transportation to away athletic events may be provided. A fee will be charged for fans. Cheerleaders must ride the bus as directed by the coach or activities director.

When a fan bus is provided for away games, students must ride the bus to and from the games. If students choose to ride home with their parents from an event, the parent should sign a note and give it to their student's supervisor. If students wish to ride home from an event with someone other than their parents, they must give their parent note to the principal during the day, which will be approved/disapproved and given to the coach/supervisor. There will be no exceptions.

Only students of Nevis School District may ride the fan bus except if there is extra room on the bus for others, and that these students or adults are pre-approved by the principal and have paid the correct fee.

Students in grades 6-12 may ride the fan bus unchaperoned by parent. Students under grade 6 must have parent/chaperone with them.

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