School Board Policy 621



In accordance with the Minnesota Department of Education Rule requiring districts to establish and maintain a system for awarding course credit to students who have demonstrated and successfully met the learner outcomes of a course, it is the intent of Independent School District 308 to implement the following system:

Process for applying and receiving credit: Grades 9 - 12

  1. The student will discuss the request for testing out with the school counselor and principal and then complete the application. This process must begin at least one full semester prior to the start of the regular class. The summer period will be treated as one semester.

  2. The assessment process cannot encompass all of the richer and more complete learning experiences students would have if they actually took the class.

  3. At the time the application is submitted it is assumed the student is ready to begin the assessment process. All portions of the assessment must be completed within a one semester period. Students will be notified by the counselor and principal where and when the first portion of the assessment will be given.

  4. The district end of course assessment may be used as the first part of the process. Only students who pass this assessment at an 80% level (or exhibit high quality work on a performance based assessment) would be eligible to continue to the second part of the process.

  5. During the second portion of the assessment process, the student may be asked to demonstrate skills, answer questions in an interview, exhibit a portfolio of tasks, or be involved in some other performance based assessment.

  6. A student may attempt to test out only once for each course and may not test out of a course in which he/she previously received grades, an incomplete or dropped.

  7. Courses which are sequential must be tested out in the same sequence. If a course requires a prerequisite, the prerequisite must have been completed or satisfactorily tested out ahead of time. If a student fails to complete the entire assessment process during the designated time period, the application will be denied.

  8. If the student completes an assessment process in a satisfactory manner, the student's transcript will show the credit earned and a course grade of P.

  9. Students shall currently be enrolled as a full time student and must agree to maintain full time student status at Nevis Public School .

  10. Test Out Committee: The district shall name a test out committee of faculty and administration who shall review materials of each applicant. The committee shall include a course instructor, counselor, and the principal. The committee shall determine based on the student application materials and the course outcomes, whether or not the student is approved for the test out opportunity. If the request is denied, rationale will be provided. Under special circumstances, the application deadline may be waived.

  11. Notification: The applicant and his/her parents shall be notified of the committee decision within five (5) working days of the application deadline. Decisions of the committee may be appealed within five (5) working days of the notification.

  12. Appeal Process: The appeal committee shall consist of the Superintendent, who will act as the hearing officer, a member of the Board of Education, and three teachers selected by the Superintendent. The appeal shall be heard within ten (10) working days of notification. A majority decision by the committee shall be rendered within three (3) days and is final.

The committee's decisions regarding the student application for test out shall become part of the student's file.


Minnesota Department of Education Rule 3500.2900

Nevis High School

Testing Out Application

This application is to be used when students feel they are ready to demonstrate that they are already able to meet essential learner outcomes of a course. This process must begin at least one semester prior to the start of class.

To Be Completed By Student:

Name___________________________________________ Phone __________________


Grade____________________ Counselor_______________________________________

I am requesting permission to test out of the following course:


I request this assessment be completed by what term? _________________________________

I believe I am prepared to successfully complete the assessment process for this course because:

Student Signature_____________________________________ Date___________________

To Be Completed by Parent/Guardian:

I have reviewed the student guidelines and this application and grant permission to proceed with the assessment process for the course listed above.

Parent/Guardian Signature_______________________________________________________

Nevis High School

Testing Out Assessment Procedures and Results

Student_______________________________________________ Grade_____________


Assessing Teacher(s) ____________________________________________________________


Date Application Received_______________________________

Date Committee Received Application _____________________

Date Application Approved ______________ Disapproved_____________

Reason for Disapproval:


Date Teacher(s) Received Approved Application______________________________________

Date(s) Student Took Assessment__________________________________________________

Date Student Passed Assessment____________ Failed Assessment _____________

Teacher Comments on Passing or Failing:


Semester Course: Earned Credit_______________________

Full Year Course: Earned First Semester Credit___________

Earned Second Semester Credit_________

Date Student Informed of Results _________________________

Date Recorded on Transcript__________________ By___________________________

Copies To:

_______ Student

_______ Student File

_______ Counselor

_______ Assessment Committee

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