School Board Policy 622

622 EDUCATION SURROGATE POLICY (adopted 5-28-02)


It shall be intent of the Nevis Public School to service children with disabilities in accordance with federal and state laws and for the best educational interests of the child. Part of that responsibility is to appoint education surrogates to those disabled children who meet the criteria to receive surrogate services. Education surrogates appointed by the Nevis School will be affected by the policy described below:

  1. Surrogates must meet the personal and professional standards set by the IEP team of the respective student.

  2. Surrogates must reside within a reasonable geographic distance of the school that would allow for adequate and appropriate surrogate services to the student, as described by the IEP team.

  3. Surrogates must have an adequate background in public education and an adequate understanding of special education services that would be available to the student.

  4. Surrogates should demonstrate follow-up support for the educational services set up by the IEP team and that would be in the best interest of the child.

  5. Surrogates must not have any conflict of interest of any kind that would affect the function of the surrogate when serving a special needs child. This could include philosophical differences in how a child should receive regular or special public educational services.

  6. Surrogates should have an adequate knowledge of the types of alternatives available regarding special education services so the best interests of the child are served.

  7. Surrogates must be willing to attend inservice training activities as suggested by the IEP team for the child. Compensation for expenses (mileage, meals, registration) to attend these activities will be provided by the serving district.

  8. If surrogates live outside the district, they will be compensated only for mileage accumulated while traveling within district boundaries to attend the meetings required by the IEP team.

  9. The district retains full responsibility for the appointment and/or dismissal of surrogates.

  10. Any issues in regard to program rules or procedures that need clarification will be addressed according to the information found in the Children in Need of Surrogate Parents Program and Rules Handbook, as interpreted by the child's IEP team.


  1. Foster parent

  2. Community volunteer


  1. An employee of public agency involved in education or care of child

  2. Person with conflict of interest


A surrogate educator is only responsible for representing the child when decisions about his/her special education program are made concerning:

  1. Identification of the need for the child to receive special education services

  2. Evaluation to determine his/her individual needs

  3. Design of his/her individualized education program, including placement

  4. Ongoing reviews of educational progress

The surrogate educator would also represent the child when using procedural safeguards if the surrogate disagrees with the school's educational proposals.


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Minnesota Department of Education Rule 3525.2550

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